A Church. A Tequila Bar. And The Top Of The World.

There are lots of reasons why I'll never pursue a career in modeling. But the obvious one, (besides sit-ups vs. burritos) is that I hate being in front of the lens as much as the next guy. It's not pictures I despise. Taking pics with the iPhone of food and my dog = fun.  Taking pictures of Roem in a bikini on top of a Camaro = painful. Sorry for the mental image, but that's how it feels to me.

But being seen is an essential part of this business, so you've got to suck it up and have fun with it.

So, just like I had to get over my fear of the "big microphone" to make a record, I had to get over my fear of the "big lens" as well.  But it helps if you have someone in your corner, so to speak.

Meet Chris Howard.


This is the man charged with creating magic with his camera that would somehow give me a few images for my website, press, etc... I told him the job was simple.

I have this:



I want this:

Cool Baby

Simple right?

So we headed out.  First to the old church where I recorded my album. My history with St. Luke's Episcopal Church, a 100+ year-old sanctuary where I recorded "The Thief" with The Family Crest and where I host a weekly open mic, is a bit of a love affair.  The building is beautiful.  It has amazing acoustics, enormous stained glass windows, five story ceilings and a kind staff that let us use the space.

We took advantage of every corner of the sanctuary... here are a few of the results. Lucky for me, Chris is an expert at taking amateur ideas (mine) and making them look pro (his).

And then to my favorite tequila bar, Mosto. The manager Mike, was kind enough to let us shoot there before they opened.

I have a long relationship with this bar, and it's companion restaurant Tacolicious, as it's my favorite place for tacos in San Francisco. These guys taught me to respect tequila, how to appreciate and to taste it like a fine wine, and are the sole reason I will NEVER return to my Cuervo-Gold-Has-Anyone-Seen-My-Shoes-How-Did-I-Get-To-Tijuana-And-Who's-Dog-Is-This? college days.

Needless to say, I'm grateful.

Our last stop, despite the San Francisco winds starting to kick up a bit and drop the temperature by 15 degrees in as many minutes was on top of Bernal Hill (which is subsequently my favorite place for a picnic/songwriting session when not a polar ice cap), and gave us an amazing viewpoint of the city, with the tireless sun setting behind us.

Big thanks to the ever talented Chris Howard for his hard work and creativity.  And a huge thanks to Sarah "Dollface" Young for assisting.


Photos: http://cmhoward.com

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