Behind the music of "The Thief" | No More Sunsets

I'm in the studio today and listening to the final mix of "The Thief," my new album that is available after June 4th.  (You can rsvp for the release show at, subject line "Roem Baur")

I thought I would share a short story about how the album came about and the song that came all the way from Buenos Aires, Argentina, "No More Sunsets."

Honestly, this may be my favorite song on the album.  Even if it has a very sad theme, it's cathartic.  And maybe that's the reoccurring theme of the record.  A friend and I were just talking about what this record means and what "kind" of record it is... I stumbled over my words as there was so much I wanted to say... so much has led up to finally finishing something, finally saying something.  And in that sense, it is cathartic.  So maybe that's what kind of record it is.  I'll let you decide on June 4th.

No More Sunsets - By Roem Baur"No More Sunsets" was written in a little apartment in the San Telmo district of Buenos Aires, Argentina and was actually a challenge to get out.  I had this melody buzzing around in my head but I couldn't put words to it.  I kept singing it, mumbling and picking up the guitar, setting it down.  I'd get on the internet and distract myself from the obvious thing I needed to do.  Write the song.  After realizing that I could be in this little room humming to myself while 80 degree, sunny BA awaited outside in all of it's pizza and steakaliciousness, I sat my ass down and forced myself to write.  And it just spilled out.

Pictures of sunsets over Baker Beach, moments of lost love, the idea that it all be gone in a moment.  How all those memories could be too much to even bear.  No More Sunsets is a yielding of control, a confession of fraility, and a moment of complete honesty.

My hope is that it is something of a release for you, also.


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