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Last night I had the honor of listening to a dear friend cover one of my songs, "No More Sunsets" at the Red Devil Lounge Open Mic.

It's amazing what you feel when hearing you work infused with someone else's soul. It was thrilling. Thrilling in a "Holy shit. Should i not be here?" kind of way. I mean, is this the very definition of narcissism to be present while someone covers you? Like witnessing your own roast from the front row. Or funeral.

"Here lies Roem Baur's body of work... His intimate moments, retold."

It was creepy. Embarrassing to be confronted with your own mortality. In a bar. In front of your peers.

I was humbled. And I couldn't stop staring. Frozen. Deer in headlights. Someone tapped me on the shoulder from behind and I nearly yelped.

"Isn't that your song?" he asked. I said "yes," but I thought, "No, not anymore, I don't think."

So now I'm letting go of a song that brings chills to me when I sing it, so close and personal, now... when someone else does.

When I first recorded and set it free into the world, I thought my attachment to my creation was gone. But now, like seeing an old flame, feelings bubbled to the surface. Now I'm letting go again.

I had to pull the quill off of the page again.

Make new promises to myself.

Close the casket.

That song now has ghosts. Once haunting, now haunted.

So thank you, Alan Monasch for your chilling reminder and the absolute honor to bless my song with immortality. You have helped me see myself in a new way.

Viva la musica, indeed.

Today on my facebook page, my SXSW coconspirator, Tae Phoenix, commented that she would like to cover my song "Fear Of Waking".

So, at the risk of narcissism, or worse, here it is. 

Lyrics, chords and the song.


Fear of Waking

© 2012 Roem Baur Music (BMI)

Verse: D - G :||

Chorus: Em - G - E - G,  D - G :||



I never meant to hate
Your sprawling across the bed
Cutting off my circulation
My heart underneath your head
I couldn’t feel my fingers
Move across your face
Now I can’t feel any warmth
Left in your negative space


I close my eyes
To see your ghost
But closing my eyes, doesn’t help me dream

It’s not the nightmare of sleep
It’s the fear of waking

And done all I know to do
But I’m still not waking next to you, no.


So I’ll meet the moon for a midnight stroll
Find tea and sympathy in its cold glow
Maybe join a bird right before the sunrise
I’ll pretend to know the words, until the great reprise



The pills lack the prescription to seduce my fear
Nor the milky way of powder
Nor the kegs full of beer
Now I’m lying in strange bed
Waiting for a moment of truth
But I’m still not falling asleep
I’m not waking next to you

It must have been your skin, against my skin.



Alan Monasch June 09, 2013 @08:08 am
I did not see this blog entry of yours until today. I covered "No More Sunsets" at the Red Devil Lounge open mic more than a year ago. You and I talked about that, very glancingly, I think, at the time. I did not know you were going to be there and that made the moment daunting for me as well, as did the obvious fact that you are and were a professional musician with a trained voice and had written one of the best songs I had ever heard, and I was a neophyte playing at an open mic. And I did not perform your masterpiece as well as I wanted to, did not hit the vocal the way I intended, and the recording that was made that night was so substandard it left out the piano entirely for half the first verse. This did not do the song justice. From a perspective a year later, I assure you that the song is still a masterpiece, still a song I want to do and still a song you can do devastatingly. I barely know what you mean about closing the coffin on it; it is a living thing. We've talked about how I keep conceiving arrangements for it and I wish I had the studio chops to flesh those out. You may be past the emotions that moved you to write the song, but there is always your current take on it, which is dynamic and changes as you develop. You have called this song a gift that such that you don't know where it came from; I know that it came from your experience and your talent and went straight to my heart and I'm sure it's gone straight to the hearts of any number of people. I doubt it has yet gotten its due. Thank you for not hating that I sang it at that open mic, but please don't turn away from it just because I did! Some gifts keep on giving! I need to present this song again, if only to get it right!
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