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Hello!  It's been a while.

It's great to be in touch again, and I've got some great news from the front lines of Roem Baur music, which includes the new album, CD release tickets, SXSW shows, new t-shirts and more...


In this blog:

  • New Album, "The Thief" and limited presale CD Release Show RSVPs
  • Songs From Argentina, Thailand, and Mexico... Behind The Music of "The Thief"
  • Get on the Roem Baur Twitter and Facebook Pages for Exclusives
  • Limited Edition SXSW Swag!
  • Have Roem to Play A Concert In Your Home

Here we go!

New Album, "The Thief" Available At CD Release House Concert presented by KC Turner.

We're so excited to release a new album of songs this June.  The project will be the first studio album released by Roem Baur and was produced and engineered by the incredibly talented Liam McCormick and John Seeterlin of The Family Crest and also features the string players of the band!  (If you haven't heard them yet, definitely check them out! -Roem).  "The Thief" was recorded on 9 nights in the historic St. Luke's Episcopal Church sanctuary in San Francisco.  The project is mixed by Michael Winger (Regina Spektor, Alanis Morrisette, The Von Bondies) and Mastered by Michael Romanowski (Third Eye Blind, Dredg, Pat Monahan)

KC Turner will be hosting and promoting the CD Release House Concert in a beautiful home in San Francisco, CA on Saturday June 4th at 7:00pm.   

**20 RSVP tickets will open exclusively to this blog today**, before they are available to the public, as a little "Thank You" for your support.  To RSVP, click HERE.

Roem Baur CD Release "The Thief"
KC Turner House Concert Series
June 4th - 7pm - San Francisco, CA
To attend RSVP:
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International Shows and Writing Abroad
Roem has been traveling, writing and playing shows over the last 2 years in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Mexico, Belize, and Argentina, to name a few.  In Buenos Aires, he was able to write and record with local musicians and wrote the song "No More Sunsets" which is on the new record.  He plans to release his journals and even more new songs in the coming months at
Once thought lost, the recently recovered journal entries from Belize, can be read on he and his wife's blog, White Picket Passport.  Here they share their passion for traveling, some urban homesteading tips, and living outside the lines of the "white picket fence" while making ends meet on a middle class budget.

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Got Facebook?  Twitter?
Everyone is on Facebook these days, and if you'd like to get some free music while you're bored at work or stalking pics of your ex, you should "like" Roem's Page.  For more candid posts in a more "small plate" dose, follow on twitter!
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Limited Edition SXSW Swag!
A few limited edition SXSW T-shirts for the new album are still available from the KFOG Showcase in Austin, TX during SXSW.  If you want to grab one of the remaining limited edition RB Tshirts before the big release show just head over to the website or Click here! (Then click the "store" page.)  
(Or, you can get one for FREE as a RB Music Promoter.  Just email for details.)

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Host Your Own House Concert!
Roem is getting back to his roots and playing living rooms all over the country this summer and fall!  Hosting "Roem in your Home" may be easier than you think... It's like throwing a music party for your friends.  If you're interested, watch this little video and send an email to "
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Well, that's it for now folks...
Thanks to everyone for the continued support - it's been an amazing few years.  I'm so happy people embraced the shows with only demos to listen to, and to those of you, I'm the most excited to share "The Thief."  This one's especially for you.


Roem & the RB Music Team



christine mcspadden June 06, 2011 @08:34 am
Dear Roem, It was great to meet you at Dana's on Sunday. I have been listening to your album non-stop. I LOVE it. I even got my 12-yr-old son to teach me how to use iTunes on my iPhone (why did I wait so long, you ask?), so that I could download them to listen anytime. You talk about the story behind the Thief and No More Sunsets, but I am very intrigued by the story behind With Friends Like These. I find the lyrics very provocative. Also, I wrote down the lyrics by listening. Where do you have them on your website, so I can see if I got them right? Cheers! Christine
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