Thank you's...

Thank you's, all around.

I just can't say thank you enough to all of you that came out to our recent shows... it's been a blast to play with amazing musicians like Adam Levy and then with Megan Slankard... 2 sold out shows in one weekend! Wow.

And then the next weekend, I played a sold out show at The Fillmore poster room! 

I've almost worn out the exclamation key on my computer, but it was worth it!!

(Ok, one more!)

Roem Baur and Adam Levy | House ConcertRoem Baur and Megan Slankard | House Concert

And... We sold out of all of the first printing of "The Thief" CDs. Well, you can still get digital copies on iTunes and the like, but all of our original printing has left the building... and so, Thank YOU! I can't tell you what a wonderful ride it's been so far, and all because of you kind people and your support.

So I guess that makes them collector's items! If you're collecting, of course.

And now, we have brand new copies of the Thief, with fancy new photos, and also 4 bonus tracks from the live recording we made at Yoshi's San Francisco.  All for... wait for it... waaaaait for it....  


That's right. Pay a penny, pay $5, or pay a million dollars, whatever you want.  We appreciate the support either way, and it's my way of saying... well, thank you.  Again.  (We'll probably come thank you in person for a million, just sayin'.)

In other news... I now have a band. Yup. A band.  But not your typical band. And we like to boogie. That's all I'm saying. You just have to come out and hear us.

Roem Baur Band PracticeRoem Baur at The Fillmore poster room

We are debuting our hard work at our first show in Mountain View, CA tomorrow night. Wanna come?  Of course you do! It's free and all ages, after all. 


June 8th, 2012
Roem Baur (full band show)
w/ Blind Willies & Rebecca Cross
Doors 7:30pm - Show at 8pm
Red Rock Coffee House
201 Castro St.
Mountain View, CA

We've got new music, some new youtubes, festivals, and all kinds of cool new things to announce very soon.  You're in the know!


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